Dynamic Defense: Levels 1 & 2

These videos teach the drills you and your team need to take your defensive play to the next level. Hall of Fame coach Dick Helm brings his four level approach to building an excellent defensive player and a superb defensive team to this series, Dynamic Defense by Coach Rick Torbett. 

Dynamic Defense Levels 1 & 2 will teach players the skills they need to guard their opponents with or without the ball.

1 Coaches Introduction
2 Player Introduction
3 Dick Helm Interview
Level 1: Guard the Ball
4 Skill Completion
5 Drills
6 Definition & Goal
Level 2: Guard Away from the Ball
7 Definition & Goals
8 Intercept & Recover
9 Drills

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Rick Torbett is the founder of offering Basketball Instructional and Training Videos offering detailed teaching for coaches and players. Torbett is also the creator of the Read and React Offense, one of the most popular and successful basketball coaching series on the market. Find all his courses streaming on-demand, only at

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Patrick Harmon

Nov 10, 18 07:17 AM

Patrick Harmon

Nov 10, 18 07:17 AM